KARBXON - Carbon Fiber Tube - Bright RED - 25mm X 23mm X 1000mm - Hollow Carbon Fiber rods - Glossy Carbon Tubes - Pure Carbon Fibre Tubes - Lightweight High Strength Carbon Fiber Shaft -3K Wrap

KARBXON brand - Carbon fiber tubing utilizing advanced Nano technology. These lightweight pur carbon fiber tubes are carbon hollow rods with 1mm carbon fiber walls yet extremely strong. Round carbon fibre tubes made of 100% carbon fiber with a glossy finish, Tubes are made from 3K Tow carbon fiber weave, this means each weave group consists of 3000 carbon nano tubes with these Tow's woven in a weave pattern giving both vertical and horizontal strength. These tubes can have any number of uses including RC cars and planes, projects requiring high strength to weight ratios, drones and more. Carbon fiber may also sometimes be referred to as Carbon Fibre, riber tubes, airplane tube, Carbon 6, raw carbon, carbon x, pur carbon, carbon fiberglass and fibra de carbona just in case your not sure. Thank you .