100 Ft - Complete Basement Waterproofing System. Includes, baseboard channel gutter panels, sump pump & basin, floor adhesive, caulk gun and all accessories. DIY System

100 Ft basement wall system. Durable flexible plastic baseboard panels channel leaky water to drain or sump pump. Complete system includes Baseboard panels & connectors, Zoller sump pump, Seal Once Adhesive, caulk gun & tools. Shipped in two boxes.

  • 100 Ft -Baseboard Channels (16) x 6' 6" panels and connectors, end caps, etc
  • Zoller M53 Sump Pump
  • Heavy duty perforated sump basin & check valve
  • (24) 20 oz Seal Once adhesive & tools for attaching baseboard panels to concrete floors
  • Easy Do It Yourself Instructions