Carbon-Kevlar Tubing

RED - Carbon Fiber Tubes - 25mm x 23mm x 500mm - 3K Roll Wrapped 100% Carbon Tube Glossy Surface

(2) RED Carbon Fiber Kevlar Tubes - 25mm x 23mm x 500mm. 3K Tow - Twill weave, glossy surface. Super high strength tubing. Outer Wall (25mm), Inner Diameter (23mm), Wall thickness (1mm)

KARBXON brand Advanced nano technology Carbon Fiber fabric. Twill 2x2 - Bi-Directional weave giving this fabric extraordinary strength in both vertical and horizontal axis. 3K TOW (3000 Carbon nano tubes bundled together) and those bundles weaved together in a TWILL pattern. Carbon fiber is typically coated in epoxy to stiffen the fabric and shape it as needed. Easily cuts with a sharp pair of scissors much like the way you work with fiberglass cloth. Add epoxy to create a carbon fiber repair kit. Use to form or strengthen projects requiring light weight and high strength. Carbon fiber is also sometimes known as the following Arbon Fiber, hidrografia lamina fibra de carbon, Carbon Fibre or enev Carbo fiber if this is what you are looking for you have the correct material here. Thank you for considering our KARBXON carbon fiber fabric cloth.
  • High Strength Carbon Fiber Kevlar tubing - 2 x 2 Twill Weave - High Gloss
  • 3K TOW - (3,000 filaments) High Strength Carbon Nano Tubes
  • 500 mm length (19 in) - Tubes
  • Outer Wall (25mm), Inner Diameter (23mm), Wall thickness (1mm)
  • Extreme weight to strength ratio
  • Extreme weight to strength ratio

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